Yep. Another marketing email.

But, I get it. You're busy. Head down. Working in your niche.

But here's the deal. As an industrial marketer, I've walked in your shoes. And still do for a few lucky clients.

I know you don't have the time to keep on top of all things marketing and technology. And you struggle to apply mainstream marketing advice to your business.

So, I'm doing it for you.

Once a week. Probably Friday morning.

I'm talking latest thinking, tips, observations, things I'm seeing and things I'm working on. Will also be sharing my take on a big industrial brand.

A handful of things that will make a difference to your work and your business.

Perhaps occasionally, with something in between too, if I think it's genuinely worth your time.



Important: Do me and yourself a favour. Getting email to the inbox of someone new is a nightmare. You should have a confirmation in your spam or junk. Make sure you (1) mark it as Not Spam (2) Move it to your inbox or hit reply and say hi and (3) Add the email address to your safe or white list. As an added measure, consider connecting with me on LinkedIn.

Even with energy bills and mortgages on the rise, I don't sell data.

And I'll only send emails I think add genuine value.

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